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“Czy buce mogą mówić o sztuce?” O konfliktach wśród performerów krakowskich lat 80. i 90.

Tekst został opublikowany w książce: Przechwałki i pogróżki pod redakcją Łukasza Białkowskiego i Piotra Sikory (Wydawnictwo Kolegium Sztuk Wizualnych, Szczecin 2019, s. 52-66). Link do rozdziału: “Czy buce mogą mówić o sztuce?” O konfliktach wśród performerów lat 80. i 90.


Contemporary Polish Performance Art – Between Old Masters and Young Activists

The article presents a brief history of Polish performance art – from its birth in 1978 to the present. The first part focuses on its roots and those aspects which shaped its present state. Artists during the communist regime separated themselves from politics keeping in mind how art was used in social-realism. The second part focuses on the period 1989-2000, when artists started to move different topics, but the form in which they were expressing their stance remained “classic”. After 2000, some artists became art activists and use performance art strategies in fighting for social change. Another new issue is the emergence of contemporary performance artists – choreographers. These shifts cause a conflict between artists in a discussion about the definition of performance art and the role of art and artists in society, especially in the context of art education which tends to preserve the “traditional performance art” model.

The complete text is available at: Contemporary Polish Performance Art – Between Old Masters and Young Activists.

Jaką średnicę ma performance?

Długość cugli wyznacza średnicę areny, a performance z tych cugli lubi się zrywać. Wystawa otwarta w Galerii Sztuki Współczesnej w Opolu porusza dwa ważne zagadnienia sztuki współczesnej.

PO PIERWSZE, POKAZANO W NIEJ, że sztuka performance jest generatorem sztuki w ogóle poprzez ciągłe przekraczanie swoich granic i intuicyjne redefiniowanie pojęcia sztuki. Drugie bardzo istotne zagadnienie to pytanie, czy dokumentacja może stać się niezależnym dziełem sztuki.

Tekst został opublikowany w Exit, nr 2 (98), 2014. http://kwartalnik.exit.art.pl/article.php?edition=53&id=873&lang=pl

What is the Diameter of Performance Art?

“The length of the reins determines the diameter of the arena” and performance art tends to stretch these reins. The exhibition which opened at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole focuses on two important questions of the today art.

FIRSTLY, IT WAS SHOWN that performance is a motor for art. in general through the fact that this art form constantly crosses boundaries and redefines art in its broadest sense. The next very important topic is the role of art. documentation and the question whether documentation can become an independent work of art in itself.

The full text was published at Exit, no. 2 (90), 2014, http://kwartalnik.exit.art.pl/article.php?edition=53&id=873&lang=en