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Dariusz Fodczuk & Peter Grzybowski at Préavis de Désordre Urbain, September 18th-25th 2010, Marseille

Dariusz Fodczuk

Préavis de Désordre Urbain is an International Laboratory Festival of Performance, created in Marseille (2007) by Redplexus network, in which performance artists are invited to explore public and urban space, provoke, cause chaos and disruption. Radical, subversive and poetical actions are encouraged and it is expected that the audience will go through unexpected experiences.

Clearly questions like “how far we can go in disrupting a public space?” or “what kind of disorder and why?” are not only being treated as art issues “tested in reality” during the Festival, but they are also being discussed during meetings in bars with town planners, sociologists, psychiatrists, politicians, policemen etc. What comes out of these discussions is another story, because the artists’ way of thinking is and always will be totally unconventional.

The entire text was published at: http://www.livinggallery.info/text/marseille