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Artists’ Replies

Artists who have participated in the Project so far:

Marilyn Arsem
Bruce Barber
Brian Connolly
Paul Couillard
BBB Johannes Deimling
Margaret Dragu
Roddy Hunter
Dobrica Kamperelic
James King
Fiona Larkin
Jason Lim
Alastair MacLennan
Irma Optimist
Paul Panhuysen
Aine Phillips
Ryszard Piegza
Ronaldo Ruiz
Mannet Villariba



Apart from the question “what is performance art?”, an equally important one is: “When did you make your first performance?” The answers would make our performance art timeline more precise. Art historians do not agree when performance art emerged; in various publications on the matter we come across various timelines that are being imposed by art historians, hence the question is being addressed to the artists themselves. Please make your answer as precise as possible. You can add some other historical facts concerning your career in performance that are important to you, as well as photos documenting it. The results of our research will be a base for scholarly work in the magazine Art and Documentation and a source of information for critics, theoreticians and all those who write about performance art. All texts will be published in English at and in the magazine Art and Documentation in Polish.

Please, send your statements and photos to: