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Manuel Vason

Manuel Vason (born 1974 in Padova, Italy) is an artist-photographer. He started his career as a fashion photographer. He has lived in London since 1998 and since 1999 he has worked with performance artists and created multiple series of photographs that present performances for camera. He presented his works in Brazil, Uruguay, Great Britain, Belgium, Italy and Russia. The exhibition in BWA “Sokół” was his first exhibition in Poland.



Interakcje under the banner of the audience – 14th International Action Art Festival InterAkcje

InterAkcje this year participated as a member of an international network of performance art festivals entitled “A Space for Live Art” that includes seven organisations. The festival was co-curated by Mara Vujic (Slovenia), Antoine Pickels (Belgium) and Nieves Correa (Spain). This allowed for a broad range of artists, especially featuring very young ones. The so called OFF programme was prepared by Janusz Baldyga. As in previous years, the name “OFF” was only a formality, because often performances by the artists who were invited to participate in this “OFF” category, were more interesting than the ones by the more experienced artists.

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