Art Full Stop

The space of a gallery is a space of a safe meeting of art with a viewer. Art institutions still have the power of marking what is creative and controlling the reception of the artwork. The City Art Gallery of Kalisz decides to leave the comfort zone and confront with anonymous public. Art in public spaces loses its distance which is typical for galleries. An unexpected direct encounter with it may be an important experience for accidental viewers. Leaving the frames of an institution by the artwork and entering into the public space allows us to negate the previously encoded so called “correct reactions” and “correct understanding”. We want the space of Kalisz to become the real place where art starts to exist, that’s why we suggest the inhabitants to wait with art. By accident. Briefly. For a while.

For the entire year on the bus stops in the center of the town we will present artworks. The majority of them will be site-specific. To the meeting with the inhabitants of Kalisz we invited both artists who are experienced at presenting their art in public spaces and those who would like to challenge it. Altogether we will listen to the voice of the public – uncensored and uncontrolled by the institution.

So far we have presented the works by Przemysław Branas, Karol Radziszewski, Michał Knychaus and Irena Kalicka.


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