After over 40 years since performance art emerged, artists and art critics still come across a challenging question: WHAT IS PERFORMANCE ART? We are aware that each performance artist answers that question through his / her own art practice, so an auxiliary question may be: “What is performance art for you?” This is a general question, containing many detailed questions which are important from the point of view of one’s own artistic practice and ideas. We are convinced that performance art is crucial for the development of art in general, due to its liveliness. We believe that performance art makes art go round. This belief, however, does not change the fact that the precise definition and answering of the question “what is performance art?” is essential from the point of view of art history.

The question: “WHAT IS PERFORMANCE ART?” is addressed to all performance artists from all over the world. The form and size of the statement is unrestricted, although English is preferred. The content will only be changed if language correction is necessary. Please, also attach photographs of your performances. The results of our research will be a base for scholarly work in the magazine Art and Documentation and a source of information for critics, theoreticians and all those who write about performance art. All texts will be published in English at and in the magazine Art and Documentation in Polish.

Please, send your statements and photos to:


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