Ephemeral Fixed. Ephemeral art – history documented.

Ephemeral art is well established in art history, but it has not been well researched and described in Central Europe yet. Ephemeral fixed. Ephemeral art – history documented is a project focusing on all kinds of artistic practice in Visegrad countries, after which only the documentation of ephemeral art remains. Artists and theoreticians from all generations take part in it. The event comprises of presentations of the documentation of the artist run galleries, performance art shows, as well as a Symposium and discussion panel and a publication.

Invited artists:

Jiri Suruvka, Marek Prazak, Jana Zimcikova (CZ)
Jozsef R. Juhasz, Daniel Dida, Linda van Dalen (SK)
Balint Sombati, Imre Denes, Peter Valyi (HU)
Jozef Robakowski, Adam Klimczak, Anka Lesniak (PL)


Lukasz Guzek (PL), Jozef Cseres (SK), Katalin Balazs (HU), Tomas Pospiszyl (CZ)


The review of the festival by Katalin Balazs: http://livinggallery.info/text/ephemeral


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